YESTERWAY - Premiere


  • YESTERWAY - Premiere

As part of our exhibition COMING HOME at the HEITSCH GALLERY for this year's OPEN ART, we present a very special programme highlight to those interested. YESTERWAY is RALF SCHMERBERG's new cinematic creation and celebrates its world premiere in Munich at the ARRI Cinema.

Yesterway stimulates the subconscious. The world beyond one's own existence. Ralf Schmerberg's new cinematic work portrays the human universe in its diversity and randomness - without spoken words. A new form of representation. A comma that prevents the past from ending its sentence - and to simply disappear.

On Saturday, September 12th at 10 pm we will welcome our guests at the ASTOR Lounge of the ARRI CINEMA at Türkenstraße 91. As this is an exclusive screening with a limited number of guests, please send us an email to for your reservation. The film premiere is a FUTURE LAB project of the HEITSCH GALLERY.