Schwingung des Lichts (Vibration of light) - Opening of the new exhibition


  • Schwingung des Lichts (Vibration of light) - Opening of the new exhibition

The opening of the new exhibition SCHWINGUNG DES LICHTS (Vibration of light) at Heitsch Gallery on Friday, June 18, 2021 was very successful and we thank our visitors for their participation. The artist Christiane Grimm and the painter Roland Helmer together present a variety of new works that are in dialogue with each other. Their artworks, which oscillate between the two- and three-dimensional, thematize the significance of the light situation for a work of art. This determines in a decisive way the vibration and radiance of the color and thus has a direct influence on the perception of the viewer. The process of seeing as well as optical effects are connecting approaches of the two artists. Christiane Grimm, who studied architecture, creates square objects made of fluted Plexiglas and specially colored paper as well as built-in mirror surfaces. In them, light is caught, broken through and transformed into a dynamic play of colors and their reflections. The Munich painter Roland Helmer has been dealing with the subject of color since the 1960s and works mostly with primary colors and their contrasts. His concrete-constructive art, while remaining true to his own style, has nevertheless continued to develop and increasingly includes works on relief-like wooden surfaces painted with acrylic in geometric patterns. In addition, there are also various prints by Roland Helmer to see in the exhibition, which you can also find in our ONLINE SHOP.

You can still visit the exhibition at any time until the end of August during our opening hours. Enjoy art!