Starting from 19 November HEITSCH GALLERY will exclusively present their artists in the showroom at terminal 2 of Franz Josef Strauss airport in Munich. The following artists will exhibit: Moto Waganari, Marco Casentini, Antonio Marra, Angela Glajcar, Yoshiyuki Miura, Slava Seidel, Jim Avignon, Roman Klonek, Christiane Grimm, Herbert Mehler, Jessus Hernandez and Rudolf Burda.

Besides other paintings we will exhibit Slava Seidel's painting Auftritt (2015). She renders homage to CSU politician and former party leader Franz Josef Strauss, for whom the artist brings out the red carpet. Blowing a trumpet, Strauss gives the signal to start the hunt. He is looking up to the ceiling, where a putto, a wood grouse and a scenthound are depicted.