The HEITSCH GALLERY transforms the conventional gallery into a communication platform for creative people. We offer art lovers a very special service for the coming months. Live-streamings, digital moderated artist talks and videos, give you insights into the gallery and the process of art creation. ‚Ā†Visit our first VIRTUAL EXHIBITION with the incredible woodcut-works of ROMAN KLONEK:

His bizarre image worlds create a nostalgic and at the same time future-oriented mixture of propaganda and cartoon, folklore and pop. Created in the freedom of thoughtlessly created doodles, masterfully executed in the technique of the lost cut, a thought experiment is created in this very special cosmos, which raises questions in these eventful times: How long do we want to keep running in our cogwheel? What for and why all this? Klonek does not try to give us any answers in his woodcuts, but he does make us realize the absurdity of our existence.

As part of our new gallery concept, Roman Klonek gave us insights in his current artistic process with a short-interview.

JÖRG HEITSCH: Roman, what did change for you since isolation?

ROMAN KLONEK: I concentrate more on my work.

JH: Are there any positive aspects for you in the current situation?

RK: There is less distraction and time pressure.

JH: What new projects are you planning?

RK: I am currently working intenisvely on my first book. It will be published (hopefully quite soon) on Slanted.

JH: What role does the HEITSCH GALLERY play for you as an artist?

RK: I was able to exhibit with Jörg Heitsch for the first time 10 years ago. He strongly supported my special way of dealing with the woodblock print.

On site in our premises at Munich's Gärtnerplatz we offer you as an art lover a service of a special kind. By appointment, we will provide you with an exclusive presentation of your preferred works of art by Roman Klonek or other artists of your choice. We would also be happy to welcome you outside of business hours for a private viewing in a relaxed and personal atmosphere.