3D Tour Eternity is a hoax / Eike König


  • 3D Tour Eternity is a hoax / Eike König

Eternity is a hoax is required as of today as a 3D tour! Don't miss the opportunity to visit Heitsch Gallery from any corner of the world and discover the latest works of Eike König, berlin star designer and artist.

Teleport to the virtual exhibition with one click:

Immaterial promises and the belief in them, renouncing logic, carry this fragile construct of a so-called exhibition. Gallery walls lose their function as carriers of cultural goods - they serve only as boundaries of an interpretive space. Eike König's installation is an attempt to order and display his artistic production in times of global crisis. Sibling works are shown simultaneously in a group exhibition at C-MINE Genk and brought together in a digital space.