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    The abstract art by ANTONIO MARRA is determined by a multi-perspectival idea that turns his paintings into living, moving kaleidoscopes that change with each step, creating different images depending on the angle.

    The artist, who grew up in Naples, adds a highly topical context to this amazing
    change of form and color with his new exhibition "TikTok is therapy", where - fascinated by the expansion of technological possibilities - he presents the social
    media app TikTok as an icon of the extreme present and encourages us to reflect on its effects. In doing so, Marra does not criticize, but merely states the obvious, leaving it up to the viewer to see the current zeitgeist as positive or negative. His new works draw a tension between an immeasurable meritocracy, the almost complete abolition of the private sphere, and a fleeting hyper-fastness on the one hand, and a world full of limitless new possibility on the other.

    One novella in his abstract TikTok series is Words in Geometry, which the artist, who lives in Offenbach by choice, uses again for the first time since the 1990s, deftly creating profound ambivalences with words like "macht. TikTok stands not only for the absolute now, but also for an assumed necessity of selfexpression,
    which runs through society like a red thread as a comforting support : a
    kind of new form of therapy.

    With his own found style, the painter reflects the techniques of Op-Art and Orphism, creating a surprising experience that allows us to experience unique visual and spatial effects and simultaneously stimulates us to ponder our current culture of behavior.

    Discover Antonio Marras TikTok is therapy through a 3D visit by clicking on the following Link.

    • Artists of the exhibition  
    • Antonio Marra

      Antonio Marra’s abstract works remain truly fascinating due to their surprising change of form and colour. Each of his multi-perspective paintings contains several more pictures which reveal themselves by circling around the canvas. Step by step the spectator is drawn into a vivid and dynamic kaleidoscope of shape and colour. Marra’s art is a surprising experience of unique visual and dimensional effects. This painter has come to his very own style reflecting and redefining the techniques of Op-art and Orphism.

Artworks of the exhibition

With works by Antonio Marra