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    JÖRG HEITSCH presents with the exhibition SEPITOPIA the magical imagery of Slava Seidel in a comprehensive solo exhibition with current paintings.

    Pompous Baroque architecture, fantastic landscapes, poetic dream scenes - all in sepia. This is what Russian artist Slava Seidel is known for. With sepia ink, she creates the backdrop for her picture narratives in an old-mastered, technical precision and transports us with each painting, every drawing into a new, thoroughly surreal world. The dizzying dynamics of her compositions, which arise from space leaps and changes of perspective, pulls us along, drawing us into the picture. If you look at Slava Seidel's works, you enter a world in which everything is possible. A magical sphere in which past, present and future merge. A utopia in sepia.

    Slava Seidel's works have been presented internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She lives and works in Wetzlar.

    The artist will be present at the opening of the exhibition. We are looking forward to your visit!

    The exhibitions runs from May 4 to June 22, 2019.

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    • Slava Seidel

      The magical compositions by the Russian painter Slava Seidel visualize a world shifting between truth and illusion. Her sepia-ink drawings depict surreal scenes in stupendous architectural settings which create a feeling of tension, vertigo and dynamic. The artist masters to depict even the most complex architectural structures in contortion - despite the challenging ink-technique which does not allow any later corrections. Seidel’s technical precision is just as remarkable as her imaginary gift which takes us to unknown, fantastic realities.