• Schwingung des Lichts (Vibration of light)
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  • Schwingung des Lichts (Vibration of light)

    On Friday, June 18, 2021 from 4 to 9 pm, we will open the new exhibition SCHWINGUNG DES LICHTS (Vibration of light) at Heitsch Gallery with new works by Christiane Grimm and Roland Helmer.

    The "vibration of light" is crucial for the design of space by means of color. Christiane Grimm and Roland Helmer have been working with this concept for several decades. What unites both artists is the implementation of this idea in artworks and objects that oscillate between the two- and three-dimensional. The Heidelberg artist Christiane Grimm creates mostly square objects with prisms made of glass. As a trained architect, she constructs an artificial space in which light is caught, broken through and transformed into a dynamic play of colors and their reflections. Color has also been the center of the artistic work of Roland Helmer, the old master of concrete painting from Munich, since the 1960s. His late work indicates a preference for relief-like surfaces, for these intensify the dynamics from the effect of color and the perspective of the viewer. The incidence of light on the artwork determines the vibration of the surfaces and turns them into a moving image. Light and the subtle vibration of color in space create for the viewer a multi-layered perspectivity at the limits of visual perception.

    • Artists of the exhibition  
    • Christiane Grimm

      Christiane Grimm creates objects with different layers of glass and other materials which are arranged in such a manner, that the incoming light creates an almost holographic effect. Grimm experiments with the potential of color and with the brightening in subtle transitions. They are poetic constructs and illusionistic architectures out of clear, seemingly floating plains – achromatic and chromatic. The arrangement of the different elements makes it hardly possible to locate them perspectively within space. Moreover there are irritating optical effects which make it even more difficult to grasp Grimm's artworks which can be located somewhere between painting, sculpture and architecture.

      Roland Helmer

      Since the 60s, Roland Helmer develops his constructive and concrete work with the utmost consequence. His abstract-geometric early work shows clear forms, quiet areas and is limited to a maximum of 7 or 8 bright colors. The variety of shapes is reduced in later work on narrow and wide lines in a vertical and horizontal screen layout. The color palette expands on certain issues by blends and underpainting with white and black.

Artworks of the exhibition

With works by Christiane Grimm, Roland Helmer