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  • OPEN ART 2020 - Ralf Schmerberg

    OPENING 11/9/20 - 6 pm

    COMING HOME with Ralf Schmerberg will be presented at the Heitsch Gallery from 23.7 to 19.9.2020. The exhibition is the highlight of this year's OPEN ART in Munich (11.-13.9), where the artist will be present.

    Photography is an important part of the all-encompassing visual worlds of the internationally successful filmmaker, director, artist and activist RALF SCHMERBERG. Coming Home is the title of the exhibition and the new catalogue, which presents the multifaceted work of the (life-)artist Schmerberg in a new way. At the same time, the title also refers to his return to the Heitsch Gallery, which presented its very first exhibition in 1994 with Ralf Schmerberg's "Stamm der weissen Krieger" (Tribe of White Warriors). His unconventional way of seeing and understanding the world has since made him one of the most productive visual artists of the present day. Be it Berlin districts, brightly colored sceneries from his travels in India or plant worlds and forests that radiate a unique tranquility - the camera is Ralf Schmerberg's constant companion and captures the beauty of the moment. Selected works from his visual diary of the last fifteen years can now be seen in the Heitsch Gallery.

    The exhibition is presented within the framework of the new gallery concept FUTURE LAB, in which the classic gallery is expanded by a laboratory and a communication platform for creative people. Live streamings, digital moderated artist talks and virtual exhibitions offer a deeper insight into the gallery and behind the scenes of artistic creation. After the successful kick-off events with the artists STEFAN FAAS and EIKE KING, Ralf Schmerberg now follows. You are welcome to visit our VIRTUAL EXHIBITION to see the works of the current exhibition.You can also find further information in our digital BOOKLET.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you at our exhibition!

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    • Ralf Schmerberg

      Ralf Schmerberg’s artistic practice explores the boundaries of society, continuously expanding and redefining them. Looking closely at those around him, his photographs enter the various layers of humanitas to conjure up new emotional spaces. Schmerberg acts on impulse, rejecting the idea of staged or carefully constructed compositions in favour of intuitive moments that are given form in an image. A searcher by nature, Schmerberg uses art as a tool to pursue his spiritual quest. This perpetual process of seeking and finding is ultimately what he documents in his works.
      Please visit our VIRUAL EXHIBITION. on Ralf Schmerberg.