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  • JIM AVIGNON: up to date

    HEITSCH GALLERY warmly invites you to the new exhibition UP TO DATE with the creative all-rounder JIM AVIGNON. Created during the pandemic, his new works combine contemporary, socio-critical themes with humour and lightness.

    Follow the artist into fragmentary interlocking worlds. Familiar visual experiences are challenged. Already the opening picture of the exhibition "up to date" shows: There is no escape. The sailor did literally get the plug pulled - a hollow-eyed pink raven holds the broken cable in its beak. Even the message in the bottle under the sailor's arm brings no salvation.

    Cubist and neo-objective pictorial means are used by Jim Avignon to reproduce the dualistic perception and characteristics of our daily life. The figures freeze into lifeless and unrelated, interchangeable templates, some of them, like the striding woman, only awake the impression of dynamics. Multi-perspective objects, an unstable backdrop, and the contrast between close-up and distant views, reveal a world that seems to be out of joint.

    Inspired by the new objectivity and the iconographically significant figures and motifs of old and new masters, a portrait of our time is created with a twinkle in the eye.

    On March 19, you are cordially invited to visit us in time slots of 30 minutes between 2 and 8 pm at Heitsch Gallery! From March 19 to April 30, the gallery will be open, a visit is possible in compliance with all momentary measures. Due to the current situation, we would like to ask you to pre-register at pr@heitschgallery.com.

    Enjoy art!

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    • Jim Avignon

      All-round artist Jim Avignon is internationally renowned as a painter, musician, performance-artist and writer. His naive cartoon style is deceiving - with a touch of irony he questions our capitalistic globalised world. His fast and low priced mass production sabotages the strategies of the art market and disapproves of financial speculation. Although Avignon is long since considered an iconic figure in the Berlin art- and music scene he still manages to cross the boundaries of mainstream and underground.

Artworks of the exhibition

With works by Jim Avignon