• Henning von Gierke | Menschen, Götter
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  • Henning von Gierke | Menschen, Götter

    Jörg Heitsch presents with the exhibition "Humans, Gods" new works of the Munich painter Henning von Gierke

    Henning von Gierke draws with pleasure from the never-ending sources of myths and pre-Christian themes. In a free, associative way he creates realistic images full of sensuality and mystery, calling them "unpainted altarpieces". Gierke depicts the old gods not as supernatural but human beings – as if they had appeared to him, as if they had sat as models for him.

    Opening | June 27, 6 pm

    The artist will be present at the opening of the exhibition. We are looking forward to your visit!

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    • Henning von Gierke

      The well-renowned Munich based artist Henning von Gierke has long since caught the attention of an international audience which has been intrigued by his realistic painting. In his works von Gierke questions our existence in the context of nature, religion and philosophy. His rich oeuvre consists of classic topics deriving from Greek mythology and Christianity just like portraits, still lifes or interiors. Not only as a painter but also as an opera-director and stage designer von Gierke is much asked for. For his film settings he has been awarded the highly respected „Deutscher Filmpreis“ in Gold and the „Silberner Bär“.