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    HENNING VON GIERKE'S works are painted stagings of life. His paintings impress not only by the masterly realization of the paintings, but especially by his profound themes, which lead us through his everyday life, raising essential questions of existence and illuminating them in the context of nature, religion, philosophy and art history in the here and now. Art - and especially his art - manages to make us reflect on the unknown. What happens to our minds when we die? What is justice? What is beauty? And what, ultimately, is the meaning of life?

    HENNING VON GIERKE manages to go beyond purely objective beauty and to understand art as a science of the senses that educates us. His success speaks for itself: he has not only captivated me with his profound painting, but film greats such as Werner Herzog, directors such as Wolfgang Wagner and Michael Hampe, and conductors such as Wolfgang Sawallisch have also sought his collaboration. A large international audience and long-time collectors accompany the painter on his way.

    Next to language, art is the oldest form of communication and conveys through the respective medium between the lines the essence of life for those who are in search of meaning and the essential.

    The catalog for the exhibition can be found here.

    At the same time ISABELLA BERR presents, for the first time in the Heitsch Gallery, her latest artworks in the solo exhibition Begegnungen.

    • Artists of the exhibition  
    • Henning von Gierke

      For many years now, renowned Munich-based artist Henning von Gierke has been fascinating his public with his realistic style of painting. In his works, the artist questions human existence in the context of nature, religion and philosophy. Besides classical themes from Greek mythology and religious imagery, von Gierke also paints portraits, still-lives and domestic themes within his extensive artistic oeuvre. Beyond creating astonishing pictures on canvas, he is also well known as a stage-designer and director worldwide. For his creative impact in the film industry, he received two of the most acclaimed film awards in Germany - the German Movie Award in Gold and the Silver Bear at the Berlinale.

Artworks of the exhibition

With works by Henning von Gierke