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    • Noëm Held

      Maximilian Heitsch

      Maximilian Heitsch is a Munich-based creative working in the fields of art, graphic design and cultural events. In his work he fundamentally focuses on the interaction of space, movement and simplicity. Evoking Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, the young artist’s collection is a study on shape and color. Recently, noted blogger Bobby Solomon from The Fox is Black called himself a „fan of the tension that’s created between the intersections of the shapes, how the brain creates meaning in the abstract.” Aside his visual portfolio he regularly curates cultural events such as AABER AWARD and Panama Plus.

      Erik Brandt

      Matthias Singer

      Johannes Breyer

      Sarah Illenberger

      Kasper & Florio

      Public Possession

      Mirko Borsche

      Michiel Schuurman

      Lou Buche

      Linda van Deursen

      Kevin Bray

      Eike König

      Eike König is a ’world renowned graphic designer‘ and founder & creative director of Berlin-based creative collective HORT. Eike’s artistic work is celebrated for it's conceptual, emotional, visual - sometimes playful, but always deliberate approach. Eike is also a professor at the University of Arts, HfG Offenbach.

      Bart de Baets

Artworks of the exhibition

With works by Noëm Held, Maximilian Heitsch, Erik Brandt, Matthias Singer, Johannes Breyer, Sarah Illenberger, Kasper & Florio, Public Possession, Mirko Borsche, Michiel Schuurman, Lou Buche, Linda van Deursen, Kevin Bray, Eike König, Bart de Baets