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    „I always think in layers. The layers induce parallel and perpendicular images, which move in both space and time, and characterized by a repeating rhythm. In my sculptures and images, the visual image, movement, or geometry of light is always created between two such layers at a given distance from one other. I incorporate handcraft, as well as industrial and digital technologies in my work. I combine these to evoke the delicate contrasts that helps me expose a given problem. I am mostly interested in monochromatic plane-forms and, lately, in color transitions. I create upscaled lenticular lenses out of glass rods by cutting, polishing and glueing. These big lenses gave me the opportunity to get multiple phases of the same image just like an animation. The image is moving and changing with the viewers moves and not only to two directions. If you stand front of the image and steps closer and closer you will see more and more colors as the focus of the lens is changing. I used squares and rectangles to visualize the pixels of a screen with vivid colors. I also played with the 'resolution' of the pixels to get the composition. The colors next to each other generates optically mixed colors like in pointillism.”

    • Zsuzsanna Kóródi Vita

    • Vita
      1999 - 2003 Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest, glass dept.
      2004 Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest, glass dept, OKJ
      2005 - 2010 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, glass dept, MA
      2009 National Collage of Art and Design Dublin
      2011 Volunter – Coldworker, Pilchuck Glass School, WA, Stanwood (USA)
      2012 Teaching Assistant – Pilchuck Glass School, WA, Stanwood (USA)
      2015 Instructor – Pilchuck Glass School, WA, Stanwood (USA)
      Solo Exhibition
      2021 Nomophobia, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
      2017 Screenshot, VILTIN Gallery, Budapest
      2017 Powerfield, Három Hét Gallery, Budapest
      2016 Sync, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta
      2015 Korodi, Erdész Galéria, Szentendre
      2012 3+2, Prestige Galéria, Budapest
      2012 Szinkron, MONO Galéria, Budapest
      2011 REPLAY, MONO Galéria, Budapest
      Group Exhibition
      2020 Future Lab, Heitsch Gallery, München
      2019 Concrete Summer, Gallery Umelka, Bratislava
      2019 PAD, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris
      2019 Art Paris Art Fair, Viltin Gallery, Paris
      2019 Bauhaus 100, Vasarely Museum, Budapest
      2018 10, VILTIN Gallery, Budapest
      2018 Gameometry, Vasarely Museum, Budapest
      2018 Art Market Budapest, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
      2018 Vienna Contemporary, Viltin Gallery, Wien
      2018 Geometrie Geografie, Galleria Daniele Agostini, Lugano
      2018 Fresh Paint Art Fair, Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Tel Aviv
      2018 Art Paris Art Fair, Paris
      2018 Brafa, Clara Scremini Gallery, Brüssel
      2017 Brafa, Clara Scremini Gallery, Brüssel
      2017 Art Market Budapest, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
      2017 HuGlass 2017, MÜT, Budapest
      2017 Kozma 2016 award exhibition, Klebersberg Kultúrkúria, Budapest
      2017 Sofa, Palette Contemporary, Chicago
      2016 S’ART, Clara Scremini Gallery, Straßburg
      2016 SOFA, Palette Contemporary, Chicago
      2016 PAD, Clara Scremini Gallery, London
      2016 HFAF, Palette Contemporary, Houston
      2015 Palm Beach Fine Art Fair, Erdész Gallery, Palm Beach
      2015 PAD, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris
      2015 Art Market Budapest, Erdész Gallery, Budapest
      2014 Sofa, Palette Contemporary, Chicago
      2014 Houston Fine Art Fair, Erdész Gallery, Houston
      2014 Space as Space, Vasarely Museum, Budapest
      2014 Coburg Glass Prize for Contemporary Glass, Coburg
      2012 Grønbechs Gaard European Glass Context 2012, Young Talent, Bornholm
      2012 HuGlass 2012, B55 Galéria, Budapest
      2011 Art Market 2011, MONO Galéria, Budapest
      2011 PF’11, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Prag
      2011 Hungaricum, Czeh Center, Prag
      2010 Stanislav Libensky Award 2010, Belvedere, Prag
      2010 Tűzraktér, Szilikát Bukfenc Közben,, Budapest
      2009 Hefter Laszló Üveg Galéria, Pannonhalma
      2009 MÜPA, Szemtől Szemben, Budapest
      2009 Mome Maraton, Budapest, Millenaris Park, Budapest
      2009 Glass Schools Exhibithion, Karlsbad
      2009 NCAD, Erasmus Students Exhibithion, Dublin
      2009 POSZT, Pécs
      2008 Le Verre d’aujourd’hui, generation sans frontiére, Hotel du Departement, Straßburg
      Open Space
      2010 Facade design to Hungarian Music Academy, Budapest, Szövetség 39, Budapest
      2017 Ernsting Glass Museum, Lette
      2017 Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
      2018 Kozma Lajos Art Prize
      2017 Kozma Lajos Art Prize
      2016 Kozma Lajos Art Prize
      2014 Coburger Glaspreis (nominiert)
      2010 Diploma – Rector’s Prize

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Zsuzsanna Kóródi

Exhibition, 05. March - 18. April 2020

Exhibition, 13. - 16. February 2020

Context Miami 2019

Fair, Context Miami 2019 3. - 08. December 2019