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    The highly polished surface of the mirrored steel gives the sculptures of Stefan Faas an additional, significant dimension. In addition to the form of the piece and its relation to the space around it, now reflection comes into play. The viewer and everything else around the piece is mirrored in the gleaming surface, becoming a part of the art itself. In a certain derived sense, it’s a reflection about one’s own identity: who am I, and how do I as an individual relate to the rest of society? This depth of content stands in dialogue with the consistency of form, making the works of Stefan Faas into highly sought-after works of art with a timeless aesthetic. Quickly walking by them, all the figures appear to share a similar, an- thropomorphic appearance, but upon closer observation of the sculptures, very different personas begin to emer- ge. Recognizing the details requires a considerable degree of engagement on the part of the viewer, of course, in which case each perceiver will take in a different, unique range of experiences.

    • Stefan Faas Vita

    • Vita
      Solo Exhibition
      2020 Future Lab Kick Off: Stefan Faas, Jörg Heitsch Galerie, München
      2018 "Konkrete Verwandlungen", Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz
      2018 Galerie Artmark, Wien
      2018 "Reflektionen", Landratsamt Enzkreis, Pforzheim
      2017 "Reflections", Galerie Strzelski, Stuttgart
      2016 artandconsult mit Volker W. Hamann, Pforzheim
      2013 Skulptur „Eröffnung Volksbank Tiergarten“, Pforzheim
      2012 "Getrud Bruder und Stefan Faas“, Kreissparkasse Böblingen, Böblingen
      2012 artandconsult mit Jochen Schambeck, Pforzheim
      2011 WSK Anwälte, Pforzheim
      2009 "POCKET ART III", Keltern
      2008 "Körper aus Stahl“, AHK Alte Kelter, Keltern
      2008 "6. Atelierausstellung“, MorlockArt, Birkenfeld
      2007 "POCKET ART II", Keltern
      2007 "5. Atelierausstellung“, MorlockArt, Birkenfeld
      2007 "INTERPRETATIONEN ZU PSALM 130“, evangelische Kirche, Birkenfeld
      2006 Kunsthaus Schill, Stuttgart
      2006 "4. Atelierausstellung“ , MorlockArt, Birkenfeld
      2005 "POCKET ART I“, Keltern
      2005 "3. Atelierausstellung“, MorlockArt, Birkenfeld
      2004 "SCHIFFE-STEHLEN-STANGEN“, Kurpark, Bad Liebenzell
      2003 "MENSCH + TIER = KUNST + NATUR“, Bad Liebenzell
      2003 "1. Atelierausstellung", MorlockArt, Birkenfeld
      2002 Galerie der Sinne, Schwäbisch Gmünd
      2001 "Körper in Stahl", Schmuckwelten, Pforzheim
      1989 Ausstellung Landesgartenschau, Pforzheim
      1988 Ausstellung Landesgewerbeamt, Stuttgart
      Group Exhibition
      2020 art Karlsruhe, artmark Galerie
      2019 Art Karlsruhe, artmark Galerie
      2019 Heads in Revolt, artmark Galerie, Vienna

Exhibition, 6. - 10. July 2022


Exhibition, PALM BEACH 2021 / FUTURE LAB 3D: ART IN A NEW CONTEXT 21. November 2020 - 16. March 2021


Exhibition, FUTURE LAB: KICK OFF - STEFAN FAAS 9. - 16. July 2020