• Uranium Universe

Rudolf Burda
Uranium Universe

  • Rudolf Burda, Uranium Universe, 2018
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  • Special uranium and brown blown glass as well as layered Czech crystal glass
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  • Rudolf Burda Information

  • Rudolf Burda

    The Czech artist Rudolf Burda is fascinated by glass and is professionally engaged in the creation of glass objects and sculptures. “The greatest inspiration for me is the universe that is fulfilling my life’s credo of being the energy of the big bang, which has neither beginning nor ending. In my creativity, I’m following minimalistic legacy and I am searching for the ideal and pure form, which is perceived as “gestalt” – “an organized whole”. My aim is to contribute to the preservation of the old tradition of hand-blown glass together with developing and perfecting it. I hope to evoke in a viewer understanding of time and space, formed from a continuous flow of energy, which reflects all reality but at the same time, it creates and it swallows. In my works, I preserve the old tradition of hand-blown glass and on the other side, I am aimed to represent a new concept of layered glass and unique aesthetics of material.“

    • Rudolf Burda Vita

    • Vita
      Solo Exhibition
      2016 Manes Exhibition Hall, Prague
      2015 Schloss Hostačov, Golčův Jeníkov
      2014 Rudolf Burda Glass, POP UP Gallery Art Salon S, Dancing Building, Prague
      2014 Van Loon Galleries, Vught
      2013 Object Yellow Abysses n. 1, J&T Bank
      2012 Rudolf Burda: Abyssus, Sun Gallery - Spa Resort Sanssouci, Karlovy Vary
      Group Exhibition
      2019 HIGHLIGHTS
      2018 HIGHLIGHTS, Jörg Heitsch Galerie, München
      2016 RR&RB, Rolls Royce, Prague
      2016 LP&RB, Le Palais Art Hotel, Prague
      2014 Art Nocturne Knocke, Knokke-Heist
      2013 Czech Glass Masters, Moser Art Gallery, Staroměstské náměstí Praha
      2013 13th Festival of Art and Glass, Karlovy Vary
      2012 Boudoir Club Society, Prague
      2012 Glass Objects - Naked Geometry of F. Drtikol, Gate Gallery
      2012 12th Festival of Art and Glass, Karlovy Vary
      2011 GLASS, Hotel Applaus, Smetanova Litomyšl
      2011 Futurista / 3dh - Glass Objects
      1995 Steel and Glass, Museum of Mladá Boleslav
      2019 Art Karlsruhe
      2018 CONTEXT Miami
      2017 LA ART SHOW, Los Angeles, CA
      2016 JIANGSU ART FAIR, Changsu
      2016 SCOPE Art Basel Miami, Miami
      2015 INDEX DUBAI 2015, Dubai
      2014 INDEX DUBAI 2014, Dubai
      2014 The Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam
      2012 Art Fair Utrecht, Van Loon Galleries, Utrecht