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    Maximilian Heitsch is a Munich-based creative working in the fields of art, graphic design and cultural events. In his work he fundamentally focuses on the interaction of space, movement and simplicity. Evoking Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, the young artist’s collection is a study on shape and color. Recently, noted blogger Bobby Solomon from The Fox is Black called himself a „fan of the tension that’s created between the intersections of the shapes, how the brain creates meaning in the abstract.” Aside his visual portfolio he regularly curates cultural events such as AABER AWARD and Panama Plus.

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    • Vita
      2011 - 2012 Gründung des AABER Artspace Projektraum für junge Kunst, München
      2012 Gründung der Moby Digg GmbH, München: Moby Digg is operating out of its German studio, engaging in versatile conceptual and visual projects. Its tasks range from events, communication, creative coding and visual identities, including the creation of poster and digital design, as well as complete web presences or mobile experiences – always focusing on a strong attitude towards design and the integration of interaction.
      2013 Leitung und Kuration AABER AWARD - Kulturpreis für junge Kunst, München Odeonsplatz
      2014 Leitung und Kuration AABER AWARD - Kulturpreis für junge Kunst, Stiglmaierplatz Alte Polizeiwache München
      2014 Leitung und Kuration AABER AWARD - Kulturpreis für junge Kunst, Leonrodplatz München
      2015 Leitung und Kuration PANAMA PLUS - Interdisziplinäres Festival, Muffathalle München
      Group Exhibition
      2016 Aabbc, AABER, München
      2016 NEW MASTERS vs modern, Jörg Heitsch Galerie, München
      2015 Deeper Down Festival, München
      2015 MALL, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Utah
New Masters vs Modern Masters

Exhibition, New Masters vs Modern Masters 29. October 2016 - 21. January 2017

Exhibition, 19. - 21. February 2016