• Faun

Matteo Pugliese

  • Matteo Pugliese, Faun, 2013
  • 96 × 32 × 27 cm
  • Price on request

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  • Matteo Pugliese

    One of the main topics of Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese is the human body in dynamic motion seeming to escape or to rebel. His male characters from the "Extra Moenia" series are modeled as fragments, the individual parts of the body thus create an impression of rising from wall surfaces or disappearing into them. His athletic shaped sculptures are metaphors of human fears and desires. In addition to these bronze sculptures of the series "Extra Moenia" Pugliese is working on guardians of cultures, samurai-inspired representations of so-called "Custodi", as well as on artfully crafted beetles, which are given specially created genus and species names by the artist according to incorporated, small items.

    • Matteo Pugliese Vita

    • Vita
      1995 Diplom in Moderner Literatur, Universität Mailand, Abschlussarbeit über Kunstkritik
      Solo Exhibition
      2014 Serenissima Babel, Caffè Florian, Venedig
      2013 Passaggi, Imago Art Gallery, Lugano
      2013 Corazze, Fondazione Mudima, Mailand
      2012 Samurai Guardian V, MAS Museum, Antwerpen
      2012 Matteo Pugliese: Sculptures, Wo-Men in Fine Art, Antwerpen
      2012 The summer of the Beetle, Galerie Noordeinde, Den Haag
      2011 Matteo Pugliese-CORAZZE, Casa d’arte Artribù, Rom
      2011 I Guardiani del Tempo, Imago Art Gallery, Lugano
      2011 Out of the Wall, Sculpture Gallery, Brüssel
      2010 From the wall and further tales, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong
      2010 HEROES - Matteo Pugliese, Galerie Noordeinde, Den Haag
      2009 Through Light and Space: Giorgio Morandi & Matteo Pugliese, Imago Art Gallery, London
      2008 Matteo Pugliese e Walter Trecchi, Galerie Noordeinde, Den Haag
      2007 Matteo Pugliese - Sculptures, Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Brüssel
      2007 Matteo Pugliese & Martin Palottini, Galerie Noordeinde, Den Haag
      2006 Extra Moenia, Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, Cagliari
      2006 Contraria-mente, Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano (Siena)
      2006 Matteo Pugliese, Galleria Pittura Italiana, Mailand
      2005 Matteo Pugliese - Sculptures, Palazzo comunale, San Lorenzo al Mare (IM)
      2005 Extra Moenia, Galleria Gagliardi, Taormina (Messina), Italy
      2004 Matteo Pugliese & M.M. Gautier, Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Brüssel
      2004 Freedom, Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano (Siena)
      2004 Flight from the wall, Filip Kesteloot Sculpture Gallery, Brüssel
      2003 Matteo Pugliese, sculture: 1998-2003, Galleria Il Castello, Mailand
      2002 Matteo Pugliese - Sculptures, Orea Malià, Mailand
      2001 Extra Moenia, Matteo Pugliese, McCann-Erickson, Mailand
      Group Exhibition
      2014 New Masters, Jörg Heitsch Galerie, München
      2010 La profondità nel segno: Demetz, Galliani, Pugliese, Casa d'Arte Artribù, Rom
      2009 Sublimazioni, Demetz, Ottieni, Pugliese, Casa D'Arte Artribù, Rom
      2006 De Ontsnapping: M.Pugliese, A. Smirnof, Sokia, Galerie Noordeinde, Den Haag