• Müssen wir das sehen?

Leo & Björn
Müssen wir das sehen?

  • Leo & Björn, Müssen wir das sehen?, 2016
  • 70 × 100 cm
  • 380 €

  • Leo & Björn Information

  • Leo & Björn

    The munich-based artist collective leo and björn (*1981) met each other while studying visual communications at the university of applied sciences in munich and at the zhdk (Zurich). They started to work together in 2007. Based on their fascination to discuss ideas with drawings, their mixed-media projects range from simple drawings, animations, software-based interactive images, to spatial installations and live-drawing performances. One of their central interests are the psychological and anthropological backgrounds of human behavior. Their work combines drawing with new medias and performances. Leo&Björn has presented their work at Parallel Vienna (with the Society of Dialectic Architecture), as part of the supporting program to the Keith Haring show at Hypokunsthalle Munich, at the solo show, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana and at Panama Plus Festival, Muffatwerk, Munich.

    • Leo & Björn Vita

    • Vita
      2002 - 2007 Studium visual-design an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft in München und an der ZHDK Zürich
      2006 - 2008 Studium in Malerei und Zeichnung an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Klasse Emö Simonyi
      2007 DAAD Grant, Moholy-Nagy University Budapest, Ungarn
      2009 Lehrauftrag in Interactive Media and Digital Prototyping an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München
      2015 Begleitprogramm zur Keith Haring Show, Hypokunsthalle, München
      Solo Exhibition
      2015 Do I need to go there?, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
      2014 Idiorrythmie, Frappant, Hamburg
      2013 Bin das im Spiegel ich?, Springerin & Seat, München
      2012 Vom Bohren harter Bretter, Färberei, München
      2012 Gestrandet, Nage und Sauge, München
      Group Exhibition
      2016 Do I need to go there today?, Jörg Heitsch Galerie, München
      2015 Do I really need to go there?, Parallel Vienna Art Fair, Wien
      2014 Do I need to go there?, Panama Plus Festival, Muffatwerk, München
      2013 What enables us to make?, "Crating Mornings" event-seires, Frogdesign, München
      2013 Same old Song, Milla-Club, München
      2013 Neu Neu Neu, "Young Art Design Munich", Maxforum, München
      2013 Can we work together and stay friends?, LAp-Kunstklub, München
      2012 Aaber Award, Alte Polizeiwache, München