• Hexahedron-space [20200425]

Laszlo Otto
Hexahedron-space [20200425]

  • Laszlo Otto, Hexahedron-space [20200425], 2020
  • 60 × 60 cm
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Price on request

  • Laszlo Otto Information

  • Laszlo Otto

    Since Laszlo Otto's early years he has created geometric images influenced by concrete art. The direct structure of colored squares and lines reflects the artist’s inner images. His artworks are influenced by Eastern ontologies and European philosophies. In its formal minimalism, the paintings are ‘itself‘ and not determined by external laws. The art pieces are objects of meditation, a bridge between the person seeking spiritual wholeness and the feasible state to be achieved.

    • Laszlo Otto Vita

    • Vita
      1966 Born in Pécs, Hungary
      Solo Exhibition
      2014 Museum Gallery, Mercury Hotel, Budapest
      2013 Székely Galéria, Budapest
      2011 dr. julius ap, Berlin
      2009 Museum Modern Art Hünfeld, Hündfeld
      2004 Kaede Gallery, Osaka
      2003 Suzuki Gallery, Kyoto
      1998 Közelítés Galéria, Pécs
      LA Galéria, Budapest
      Group Exhibition
      2014 Art Karlsruhe, (Galerie Linde Hollinger), Karlsruhe