• Opening Worlds

Jœrg Heitsch
Opening Worlds

  • Jœrg Heitsch, Opening Worlds,
  • 230 × 350 cm
  • C-Print
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  • Jœrg Heitsch

    Jœrg Heitsch studied free painting at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as with Jörg Immendorf and Helmut Sturm at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. His artistic work moves between Minimalism, Concrete Art and Op-Art. In 1993, during a stay in San Francisco, he developed the ongoing project "Opening Worlds", which deals with the history of evolution on Earth at the interface of science and art. In 1994, Jörg Heitsch founded the KUNSTNETZWERK Galerie für internationale zeitgenössische Kunst at Gärtnerplatz in Munich, which today continues as the Heitsch Gallery. His work as a gallery owner has always been characterized by his content-related and formal engagement as an artist. Jörg Heitsch has developed and implemented numerous cultural concepts at the interface of art, communication and market.

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