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    Working as an engineer and a painter, Viola had the privilege of experiencing the debated yet very prolific encounter between art and science. During his artistic career he has studied and experimented with color and its laws thoroughly in order to grasp the notion of the sublime, qualifying his pictorial idiom with lines rich in intensity and completeness. From his very first watercolors and, later on, in his oil paintings, Franco Viola has produced landscapes by combining reality and the inner world, seeking to transfer the emotion and the sublime of the uncontaminated reality. A continuous process which accompanies thoughts on the nature of painting in the age of Modernism and on its relationship with place, time and the ever-changing social and human conditions. It is a rethink on Nature, in the context of a cognitive and emotional flux.

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    • Vita
      1953 Was born in Gaeta, Italy.
      1977 Graduated from electrical engineering from the University of Rome.
      Solo Exhibition
      2016 Studio d'Arte per il '900, Turin
      2013 Galerie Kampl, Munich
      2013 Galerie Schrade, Karlsruhe
      2012 Kunsthalle Dresden im art'otel, Dresden
      2011 Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía, Granada
      2010 Galleria PIo Monti, Rome
      2008 Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
      2006 Kunsthistrisches Museum, Vienna
      2005 Heitsch Galerie, Munich
      2000 Kultur im Atlanta Huas, Bremen
      1995 Italian Institute of Culture for The Netherlands, Amsterdam
      1993 Georgetown University, Intercultural Center, Washington D.C.
      Group Exhibition
      2019 Ludwig Museum in the Sate Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
      2012 Palazzo Zenobio, Venice