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HEITSCH GALLERY presents FUTURE LAB 3D from 11/21/20 until 01/19/21 at the digital ART MIAMI in cooperation with ARTSY. Using the latest 3D technology, you will get virtual insights into the real showrooms of the internationally operating HEITSCH GALLERY in Munich. Visitors are invited to discover available works by contemporary artists, to request and purchase them in real-time. We are proud to present selected unique positions from Minimal- to Op-Art and figurative painting in dialogue with sculptures and photographs by JIM AVIGNON, MARCO CASENTINI, STEFAN FAAS, ANGELA GLAJCAR, CHRISTIANE GRIMM, ROLAND HELMER, ZSUZSANNA KORODI, EIKE KÖNIG, MARCK, JÜRGEN PAAS, ANTONIO MARRA, UDO NÖGER, DIRK SALZ, SLAVA SEIDEL, RALF SCHMERBERG, HENNING VON GIERKE and MOTO WAGANARI

Also feel free to take a look at our digital BOOKLET.

What can be experienced online and virtually can be encountered in real time here in Munich. In an exclusive setting, we invite you and your companion to an individual tour by appointment. Send us  a message with your desired date to or simply give us a call. We look forward to your ideas and your visit. It goes without saying that masks are compulsory and that there are distance regulations. 

Whether by telephone or video chat, we will adapt to your wishes. A guided tour on site or virtually in real-time through the gallery offers interested clients an intensive and personal exchange about individual artistic positions, details of their works and their biographical background. 

Enjoy art!

Jörg Heitsch and the team of the HEITSCH GALLERY are looking forward to your visit.  

We bring the gallery to your home or company!
We bring the gallery to your home or company!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

We hope you havecome through this turbulent year in good health and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! In these eventful times, we sincerely thank you for your consisting strong interest in our gallery program and the beautiful cooperation.

With our new project FUTURE LAB 3D we go one step further and bring the gallery into your living room or company. From the comfort of your home you can visit the HEITSCH GALLERY virtually HERE. You are also welcome to browse through our new digital CATALOGUE.

If you are interested in viewing one of the works in the original between the years and during the lockdown, please send us an email or simply call us at 0160 727 6154. We are always available for an individual presentation.

As of January 12, the gallery will be open again for normal opening hours from Tuesday to Friday 10am-7pm and on Saturday from 12pm-6pm. We wish you and your loved ones a restful Christmas.

Your Joerg Heitsch and the Heitsch Gallery Team


It was a memorable year for all of us. At the beginning of 2021, the HEITSCH GALLERY would like to take you away from reality for a while. Welcome to the virtual exhibition SEPITOPIA - ink painting and drawing by SLAVA SEIDEL. The title of the exhibition is based on the permeable border between reality and the world of fantasy that runs through each of Slava Seidel's paintings. It allows the viewers as well as the artist herself to escape the facts of everyday life, to entrench themselves in an ivory tower. The surreal, fantastic productions of the Russian-born painter Slava Seidel depict a world between truth and illusion - capsizing ships on stormy seas, magnificent baroque domes reaching towards the sky, veritable worldscapes. 

Slava Seidel's drawings in sepia ink resemble dreamlike sequences against a grandiose architectural backdrop, evoking a sense of vertigo and tension in the viewer. The artist excels at depicting the most complex architectural forms, and this despite the demanding ink technique that does not allow for later corrections. Seidel's technical precision is as remarkable as her talent for pictorial imagination, which transports us into unknown, alternative realities.

You can find the link to the virtual exhibition HERE. If you would like to view one of the paintings in the original, please feel free to contact us. The Heitsch Gallery team will find a way to make this pleasure possible for you. 

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